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To allow ourselves to be free of all restraints for a little while, and allow us to create and indulge ourselves in our own pampered present moment.

1 Hr : 500 out, 600 in

Un Séjour Jolie
1.5 Hrs : 750 out, 800 in

Un Délicieux Rendez-vous
2 Hrs : 1000

Évasion Délicieuse
3 Hrs 1400

*Note: 3-hr Engagements and longer
require 30% deposit*

Le Rendez-vous Prolongé
4 Hrs : 1800

La Grande Soirée
6 Hr Dinner + Show : 2200

Toute La Nuit et Plus
Overnight : 4,000

L'amour De La Journée
24 Hrs : 7,000

Le Week-end Parfait
2 Day Weekend : 10,000

3 Month Minimum : 60,000

Entertaining you & significant other
Please add 300 hr

Travel to RI, CT, ME (varies)
Please add 300, VT 400

• A 50% deposit is required for all exclusive trips.
• Airfare; Business or First Class, to be paid in advance for exclusive trips.
• An overnight date is preferred first prior to rendezvousing for extended time together.

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